A Welcome from our Designer!

Hi, my name is Jamelle and I have one of the best jobs ever! That is if you like meeting people, working with beautiful furniture, fabrics and staying on the move! Johnny Janosik World of Furniture has asked me to come aboard and create a “World of Design” for those interested. It’s been about 8 weeks since I have started working at Johnny’s and being in a showroom of 180,000 square feet full of all kinds of interesting furniture and design material makes everyday amazing.

Everyday a truck of furniture is moved in and out of the store so there are surprises around every corner!  Look for pictures of really cool things that I find! There is an amazing crew of designers that dress and arrange the floor. As this blog progresses, I will introduce you to them and their work.

I love going to our warehouse. Crazy, right? It’s organized, clean and the folks over there love their job! Actually, I haven’t met too many people that don’t enjoy their work here at Johnny’s. I hope to talk about a lot of them so that next time you are in you will feel at home!

Bringing a residential and contract design department at Johnny Janosik should be easy since all the tools are here already! I will be talking about new design ingredients popular this year so stay tuned! Our buying team is away at market (where the manufacturers display their new product to retailers) and I can’t wait for them to return to see what is new to the furniture industry. They will back soon and this blog is going to tell you all about it!

Please send me questions via email! Inquire about anything that you want to know about design in your own home. I will highlight projects I am working on because they are never the same and never boring!!!

Here we go!

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