The Furniture Blues

Imagine being surrounded by more than 11 million square feet of furniture. Each manufacturer’s store specializes in furniture and accessories of a specific type. In downtown Highpoint, North Carolina (Market), the main building covers 3 blocks and is 12 stories tall! (Be still my heart!) Our team (Sheila, Steve, Dave & Nancy) walked 10+ miles a day just so they could see everything. They all came back with stories and details on what we can expect in the coming season from our favorite vendors. Even though their desks were piled high, I cornered them to find out the latest furniture trends. Unfortunately, what they found won’t be here until next year. (Yes, we have to wait almost a year until the new “stuff” comes in)

First of all, if you love grey don’t worry; it’s not going anywhere. Grey solids, grey textures, and grey mixed with every color! Grey furniture finishes were still plentiful- we loved the grey finish at Legacy!! Many shades of BLUE made appearances – gorgeous blue hues on upholstery, accent fabrics, and even accent wood furniture could be seen in blue tones. These cool blues can be calm, soothing, and exciting all at the same time!                           blog 2 oct.30 001upholstery,curtain and color selectionLarge_BR-007

On upholstery-velvets, nail heads and tufting will continue to be very important!  Sunbrella (the leader in performance fabrics for marine, indoor, and outdoor furniture) made a strong showing with new patterns and textures plus it has a 5 year warranty, compared to the 1 year warranty of most fabric manufacturers, is definitely worth the additional investment! Look for more Sunbrella in our store’s upholstery lines!

Youth furniture is staying in the cool category with neat upscale finishes. Don’t think interesting finishes are just for adult groups- look for them in youth as well! The Bellissimo collection from Legacy and Smart kids from Universal are examples in our show room of this trend to make kid’s rooms worth staying in to hang out or study!


Accessories were fun; there were lots of bugs, skulls and x-ray art (from our anatomy textbooks haha!)! Steve & Nancy always find amazing accents and I can’t wait to see what they bring in. They love bringing color to upholstery.  Since grey and linen are still in style, so using colorful throw pillows, lamps and accessories can be added to add interest and spunk to your room!

As a final note, the store is buzzing today about Roger Tubbs’ (Senior Sales Consultant) article in the November issue of Metropolitan magazine showcasing his beautiful home! The article recognizes his ability to design and use everything from color to lighting in order to have the perfect home. I would definitely give it a look if you’re interested in learning how to design your own home. Way to go Roger!


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