Come on In!

Wait until you see the changes to the front of our store!! Our floor designers are amazing! They have been working all day to get ready for the fall season. A few of the new design elements we have put in the front of our store show how the next years trends are already starting to show! (neutral grays, linens, mirrored bedroom, weathered wood, textured finishes)


Speaking of the showroom, the hardest job at Johnny Janosik, bar none, is our sales consultant position! We have a team of over 50 people whose job is to help furniture shoppers navigate our 180,000 square feet of showroom and know the little details about our 100 + manufacturers! I don’t know how they do it. Sometimes it seems like they each have endless amounts of energy! (I want in on that secret)


Many of them have design backgrounds and have been here for years. The store is so large that they have to invest in the best shoes (always black!) and some even have a pedometer. One sales team member recorded 15 miles in a single 8 hour period!! That’s a LOT of walking.

 blog 3 nov.6 002

To be successful at this position, you have to love it! I talked to Rob Rawheiser, who has worked in furniture for 35 years. (Talk about design trends Rob has seen!) He has many clients that return time after time just so they can see him. (How cool is that?) He has helped a lot of people but one of his favorite stories is about a client who kept his business card for 14 years (wow) and sought him out to furnish a new house 14 years after they first worked together!


Another team member we are introducing for the first time is Paul Cell. Being an artist certainly helps Paul work with his clients here at Johnny Janosik. He is a self-taught painter using mostly oils capturing the beautiful landscape scenes of the eastern shore. He said that this lets him see colors and designs that naturally work well together. In fact, word of mouth has sold many of his landscapes, lighthouse, and seascapes paintings.


Our Dover, DE store has many gems as well. Take David Brown, he has over 28 years in the design field and has even taught interior design at Delaware Community College. (That’s commitment to design) He brings a wealth of knowledge that is hard to find and if you are ever in the Dover he invites you to stop by and chat!


We hope you get to know us through this blog so we will share something interesting from a sales consultant each week. We are planning some things I think you will like for design inspiration (hint: think house tour) in upcoming blogs.


Thanksgiving is soon-is your dining table big enough for all that turkey??? If not I know where you can buy a beautiful dining group- just saying!!  blog 3 nov.6 004


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