The City That Never Sleeps

Steve Price and I traveled to New York City this week and wow was it a blast! We had gone there to see the “New York Hotel Show”. The two of us had a lot fun as we traversed the city and made our way to the convention. Once we got there we looked at each of the vendors and all they had for the upcoming year and man, was there some really cool stuff. We found some amazing new sources to use for our contract design business.

Hotels can have all sorts of unique and eye-pleasing features that most people don’t notice.  Everything from the room set up to the hall ways and elevators, each has its own design that is meant to appeal the many people that walk its hallways. The carpets, fabrics, and furniture each play a specific role that helps welcome people to stay and make them feel at “home”. We saw how each of the vendors displayed their view of how a hotel should look and soon discovered that the buzz word for each of them was wall treatments.

Wall treatments come in all kinds of styles and design. For example, they come in leather of every color and almost every kind of texture you could imagine! (If only this was Willy Wonka!) In fact, they get as strange as mimicking concrete, wood and metal. As we moved along the event we saw how beds made to look so crisp and inviting. Which seems uneventful, but was actually quite interesting. Who knew watching beds get made could be interesting?

After a few days of getting ideas, seeing some really cool things, we finally made our way home. As we were coming back we drove by our Dover showroom and  spoke with Nettiesha Scott(Sales Consultant) . We chatted about what we did in New York and I learned some very interesting things about her. She is a student at the Delaware State University and has really been enjoying her job here at Johnny’s. Nettiesha has said that she really enjoys working with customers to help them find the right fabrics to fit their needs and styles.  She is big into making sure the home is prepped and ready for the upcoming holiday season so she has really been trying to get all of her customers ready and satisfied.Centerpieces


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