The Big Bird

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, we are all preparing to gather with friends and family around our tables with a turkey as the centerpiece.  We will laugh and talk about the stories we have made over the years of celebrating. Here at Johnny’s we will be closed on Thanksgiving so that our staff can take a day of rest and enjoy the time with their family and friends.  Although, we have plenty of stories from worked related situations. We find that it’s also important to step back and focus on those we have spent our lives with.  So, thank you to all of our dedicated employees for working hard and giving our customers the best experience that you can give.  And it’s not just our employees we are thankful for, if it weren’t for you, our customers, we wouldn’t be here today.

As we all know, Thanksgiving can have it’s hectic side too.  There are so many preparations that need to be done. Balancing work and all the others things going on our lives it can be a bit stressful too.  In order to lessen the stress we put on ourselves here are a few helpful hints to make it that much easier. 1) Make as much as you can ahead of time! One of the biggest things people stress about this holiday is food preparation. Most things like dressings, deserts, and side dishes can be frozen and reheated without any loss to the quality of the dish. 2) Ask other people to bring a dish. As the old saying goes, “many hands make for light work”! 3) Have an activity for children ready and use some of the older children as the supervisors. This will keep the kids distracted and having fun at the same time! (One year I had the kids make place cards and pick where everyone sat – that was a fun and interesting Thanksgiving) 4) If weather permits, have the family go for a walk after a big meal! It will help keep people awake and make for extra time to have fun and laugh. (We all get tired after eating that much delicious food)

Above all, have fun, laugh and eat well! And get ready to shop with us on Friday!!! When you are here look for all of our birds!!! I found a few!!!

See you Friday!!

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