Decisions, Decisions…

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, I am focusing on moving into my new house. (Yay!) Not the best time of year to move, but I am very excited so no complaints here. What does a designer buy for her own house??? I have to admit, I wanted to buy everything new but that was not what my budget was telling me I could do. So I set my sights on living room upholstery and dining room table and chairs.

I went shopping here at Johnny Janosik’s – it was a lot of fun but definitely a lot to take in!! I sat on as many sofas and chairs as possible. I fell in love over and over!! Although, my children are grown, my furry children needed consideration on the sofa selection. I chose a slipcover sofa so I could keep it looking spiffy and I could buy a very light fabric- so chic right now to have a neutral base and layer with color. My feminine side took over when it came to my chairs though. I had to have 2 chairs that are grey checked with tufted and curved backs – adorable!!!

Weatherford - Cornsilk - 1155234761_75-054+2x75-062+4x75-061-b0

The dining area needed to be great for everyday and still beautiful on special occasions. I chose a two-tone distressed table. The distressed finish will forgive a lot of mistakes like spills, hot temperatures and never look anything but good. The worn weathered table is a casual farm style and “says please sit down and enjoy”. Of course I couldn’t do matching chairs!!!  I have a beautiful sideboard in a mahogany finish that will be in the dining area, so my chairs needed to be mahogany and I LOVE oval back chairs! The formal chairs and distressed table are a combination that I am drawn to. I wanted to have 2 different chairs at the ends of the table, so I chose a slip covered, skirted chair. The great thing about these chairs is they can be pulled into the family room for extra seating because they are actually comfortable! Once I move in I will post pictures!


Jeanaye Wright, one of our Laurel sales consultants, has been here for 4 years and brings a strong creative background with her BA degree in photography. She has had many memorable experiences with her clients here. Her favorite would be the relationship she developed with a client in Italy. Together they furnished her entire home while Jeanaye was here!!! They did everything over the internet and email. (Talk about trust!) Furniture companies with eco-friendly design approaches appeal to Jeanaye as do bright, bold colors palettes as these give a fresh, young vibe to the design schemes she likes to create.

So if you’re moving into a new home soon, be sure to come in and visit Jeanaye or any of our qualified sales consultants for design ideas, helpful hints and the perfect pieces to furnish your home.


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