Quiet Corners

So many homes have that space that the owners say to themselves, “What do we do with that area?”  Usually, the area they are speaking of doesn’t satisfy a typical need.  It’s not the living room, the dining room, the bedroom…it’s just an area that serves “no purpose.”
Cozy-reading-corner-in-black-and-white modern-home-library-design-11

The purpose of this unused and unspecified area just might be a “quiet corner.”  In a perfect world, every house would have one.  A quiet corner is a space for one… never a space for two.  When two are involved, it’s well… not quiet.  A space for one is perfect for an over-sized chair and ottoman in a remote corner… it’s a chaise with a table and lamp… it’s a place that really suits just one person.  Think of a quiet corner as a place for reading or meditation; a quiet space in your home that doesn’t invite life’s chaos.  The next time you are at a noisy family gathering, think about how much you might appreciate a “quiet corner.” If you are designing your new home, how about incorporating purposefully a “quiet corner”.  Your friends and family might look at you like you are nuts, but I guarantee you…..when those same friends and family are visiting your new house, they will be envious when they find you……………….in your “quiet corner.”


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