We Make Beautiful Happen

Every day, we help people replace their sofas; choose a new bedroom, select new dining room chairs, etc. Can we help with a simple solution for a room? Sure, we can. But, where do we, as a design team, really glow? It’s in making the room beautiful. What do we do best? We make beautiful happen! When a client turns over the reins and says to us, “make it beautiful,” that is where our team shines the most.

We have a huge inventory at our disposal. We have the best manufacturers in the industry. We have the best selection of fabrics to choose from. So…when a client says, “Just make it beautiful,” it’s like receiving keys to the kingdom. As a member of the design staff, that is the green light to coordinate fabrics and woods and accessories to make a room perfect. Those clients, the ones who are willing to give that maybe risky green light….those are the happiest with the results.

So tonight, I was thinking about what is it that we really do? And I realized…what we really do can be summed up in one simple phrase, “we make beautiful happen.” On a daily basis we make beautiful happen. After a delivery, we leave a client’s home knowing that that evening, they are going to relax with their family and think about just how beautiful their home is. For us, nothing’s better.


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