Organizing your Holiday Guest Bedroom for Visiting Relatives

Making a guest bedroom feel homey

This is the time of year we all love. The holidays are finally here and your home is about to play host to friends and relatives – so let’s make sure your guest bedroom is ready. After all, if your guests can’t find a place to settle in with their belongings, they certainly won’t feel relaxed in your home. Here are some helpful ways to prepare your guest room for the busy season ahead.

Organize your holiday guest bedroom this season

  1. Declutter and remove your personal belongings

Even though your guest bedroom may have turned into a “storage room” of boxes, furniture and other household items it’s time to make the room a bedroom again. Start by removing personal belongings such as excessive photographs, trophies, memorabilia and family clutter. While these items may make you feel at home, your guests should feel like they’re staying at a hotel. Personal decorative items that carry out the theme of the room is fine, but remove personal items so out-of-town guests don’t feel like they are intruding by staying at your home.

  1. Organize the guest room closets

When your holiday guests arrive they should be able to unpack their suitcases and hang clothing in the closets with minimal effort. We often forget about the closets and take all of our decluttering efforts and shove it into the closet.

Think of your guest bedroom as a vacation retreat for your guests where they can find extra bedding for the bed, plenty of hangers for their clothes, and a few personal touches like slippers or a cozy robe would be a welcoming surprise too. Organize your closets to provide ample room for their luggage to fit inside as well as plenty of space to hang winter coats if needed. If space is a premium in your home, try to move your belongings to the top shelves and leave the lower shelves and closet floor for your guests.

  1. Create relaxing sitting areas

Organizing a guest bedroom also involves creating seating and relaxation areas of the room. Declutter bookshelves and side tables beside the bed to ensure your guests can relax with their own good book or tablet. Provide an area for guests to plug in electronics if possible. In our “smart electronic” driven world, laptops, tablets and phones beside the bed or desk will help your guests still feel connected while traveling. If you have a reading chair and floor lamp consider creating a reading nook with a book collection and magazines for them to peruse while relaxing before settling down to sleep.

This holiday season let’s get organized! The guest room is the perfect retreat when it’s welcoming and ready for guests. Use these helpful tips to declutter, depersonalize, and to bring the modern comforts of home to your holiday guest bedroom. Your guests will appreciate your hospitality to make their visit memorable.

For more guest bedroom ideas follow the Restonic Pinterest board.

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