Oh So Indigo

From the fashion runways of Paris, New York, and Milan to the cover of Pottery Barn, the deeper mid- tones of blue have never been more popular. Perennially popular blue/white combinations are being softened and made new again with the infusion of grey/cream under tones and blue hues that are on the decidedly darker and richer side of their color spectrum. Gone are the harsh bright white/navy combinations. They feel all too hard edged and modern. Instead the considerably softer combinations of cream or pearl or salt / indigo or lapis or royal all are right on-trend with a more contemporary and relaxed aesthetic. Interior designers like Ralph Lauren and Barclay Butera have for several seasons now embraced this classic design approach.

indigobedHelping to drive this renewed interest in blue/white combinations are multiple Asian referenced design themes which are prevalent in home design as well as at the highest levels of haute couture. Japanese tie-dyed and shibori designs and motifs have never been more popular and feature the many shades of their artisanal denims. The Metropolitan Museum in New York, has recently extended twice their exhibition of “China Through the Looking Glass” as hordes of devoted fashionistas and design devotees have flocked from around the world to see this exhibit. Included in the exhibit is a whole section on the influence of the famous blue/white Willow Ware, and how it has been translated into almost an endless range of fashions and home accessories. Textile collections from major mills all jumped on these restful patterns and color combinations in their latest exhibits at the international Showtime market this past July .The influence of the hill tribe Hmong peoples from the boarder territories between Vietnam and China are especially current also, as their cultural patterns and color combinations of indigo touched with ruby, dominate textile and jewelry design.  So put away those stone washed jeans and splurge on a new pair of indigo dungarees. Team them with an ox blood chambray shirt and you’ll be right in fashion!

In your home we like to compliment these cobalt/snow combinations with a single strong tertiary color. As mentioned above, using ox blood or ruby is one approach to an updated red-white-blue combination. But to our eye a bright yellow, or glamorous malachite makes an even more modern and on-trend combination. Keep your metal accents in soft pewter or nickel tones and you’ll have a room that’s timeless, energetic, and easy to take either more or less casual depending on how you complete the accessories and complementing case pieces.

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