Make Your Perfect Outdoor Living Room

As days get sunnier and the temperatures warmer, giving in to your natural urge for the great outdoors is better for your health and happiness than you might realize. Savoring sunny days and fresh air by gathering around the grill or lounging on the porch can actually improve your blood pressure and energy level, elevate your mood and improve mental concentration, experts say.



Today’s outdoor living rooms are cozy and stylish. Photo Credit: Woodard Furniture

Creating an outdoor living room has never been so popular or so full of possibilities, thanks to the abundance of outdoor furnishings and accessories available now– from seating to tables and rugs, pillows and lighting. Forget the mundane lawn chair or plain picnic table of the past. Today’s outdoor living rooms are cozy, comfortable and oh-so stylish.



According the American Home Furnishings Alliance (AHFA), nearly 85% of households plan to add outdoor furniture in 2015. The number one item on the shopping list is an outdoor chair, followed closely by a fire pit.

In fact, the American Society of Landscape Architects named fire pits as the number one outdoor design element in demand for this year.


Chairs and fire pits are high on the shopping list for outdoor spaces. Photo Credit: Kolea seating and fire pit group from Agio International



Outdoor sectionals are a popular new configuration. Photo Credit: Lloyd Flanders

Ultimately, the key essential for outdoor living room comfort is seating. While rocking chairs lined in a row on the front porch may still have their merits, today’s outdoor living room seating arrangements span the gamut from upholstered sectionals to the classic Adirondack chair made into a lounge chair version.




According to the AHFA, traditional is the number one outdoor furniture style, followed by contemporary/modern, “natural” and “rustic.” Thanks in part to more durable outdoor fabrics with more resistance to soil and water, today’s outdoor spaces are often just as stylish as inside the home. Outdoor furnishings are created with comfort in mind to encourage relaxing and enjoying all the benefits of outdoor living—better health and happiness among them!